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August 18, 2020

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August 18, 2020

Blue Jay Nation,

As the start of school approaches, so does the start of our fall athletic and activity season.  We are glad that our students will have the opportunity to compete and perform in the activities that are important to them – especially after missing these opportunities in the Spring.

We have been discussing what steps we, as a district, should take in order to maximize the chances for our students to be able not only to begin their season this fall, but to complete a full season of competition and performance.  So, in order to do that, we have put into place the protocols and capacity limits detailed below.  These protocols and limits are based on a review of MSHSAA guidance, local health and governmental recommendations and orders, and abundant caution in protecting our students, staff, and families.

1. For all events, both indoors and outdoors, properly worn masks are required for entry and anytime an individual is up and moving around the venue.  The mask may be removed while seated.  As with our reopening plan this applies to students in grades 6 and higher and all adults.
2. Spectators are asked to be properly socially distanced from others that are not members of their own household.  All venues will require that one empty row of seats/bleachers be left in front of and behind each family, along with six feet of lateral distance (for example, three chairback seats) on each side of the household group.
3. Concessions and restrooms will be open.
4. Guests must be masked and remain six feet apart while waiting in line.
5. No non-participants (adults, students, etc.) will be allowed to enter the field, court, or performance area upon completion of the event.
6. Students and young children must remain seated with their parents during the entire event.  The only exception to this is for members of the student body that are seated in the student section.

Venue Capacity
A. All indoor and outdoor venues will be limited to 50% capacity.
B. In indoor venues, all available bleachers/seating will be open to spectators.
C. Based on historical observations, the only event that exceeds 50% capacity is varsity football games on Friday nights.
D. Home and Visitor sections will be clearly marked.
E. Student Sections are reserved for MHS/MJHS students only and will be clearly marked.

Varsity Football ‘Ticket’ System
1. In order to monitor crowd size for Friday night football games, an ‘entry ticket’ system will be used.  These are not tickets in the normal sense, but rather possession of one of these ‘entry tickets’ will ensure the bearer the opportunity to pay their admission/present an authorized pass and attend the event.  NO SPECTATORS WILL BE ABLE TO PURCHASE ADMISSION WITHOUT PRESENTING AN ENTRY TICKET.
2. MSHSAA guidelines identify three tiers that are useful for determining who may be present at an event.
– Tier 1 – event participants (players, coaches, officials, game administration, etc.)
– Tier 2 – media
– Tier 3 – Spectators/Vendors
Tier 1 and 2 do not require entry tickets, but Tier 3 does.
3. In order to prioritize distribution of entry tickets, we have further split Tier 3 as follows:
– Tier 3A – Parents/guardians and siblings of participants
– Tier 3B – Students
– Tier 4 – Other participant relatives and general community members
4. 800 entry tickets will be issued for the first home football game on August 28.  The visiting school will be issued 300 entry tickets – for a total of 1100 possible spectators.
5. Participating students (football players, cheerleaders, dance squad members, and band members) will be issued entry tickets for Tier 3A use first.
6. Approximately 150 entry tickets will be reserved for Tier 3B
7. Remaining tickets will be utilized for Tier 4

This process and the number of entry tickets issued will be adjusted as needed once we see how it works on August 28.

Marshfield High School is hosting both a softball jamboree and a football jamboree on Friday, August 21.  Both of these items will use entry tickets since they are occurring at the same time in adjacent facilities.  These tickets will be distributed to participating students for them to share with parents, siblings, and relatives.  No Tier 3B (student section) tickets will be held back for these events since students are not yet in school and we have no effective method of distributing to them.

We understand that this is not an ideal situation for anyone.  However, we believe that beginning our fall activity seasons utilizing these protocols gives us the best chance for our students to be able to have a full season of activities.

Thank you for your continued patience and understanding.

Go Blue Jays!

David Steward, Superintendent

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