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Class 4 District 6 Standings After Week 8 – Points Explained

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October 13, 2018

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1Webb City8–056.39
4Carl Junction4–437.52
7McDonald County3–526.05

The first 4 seeds remain the same as last week but we have seen a shake up in 5-7.

Springfield Hillcrest moves up 2 spots after playing up 2 classes and getting the win over Springfield Kickapoo 30-14.

Bolivar drops from 5 to 6 after traveling to Fort Scott Kansas and losing 28-27.

McDonald County drops from 6 to 7 after being upset by Monett.

Going into the final week of the regular season there are some District Seeds up in the air.

I am not an expert by any means on this seeding points formula but i have researched it a little.

Here is how the point system works:  (Taken straight from the MSHSAA Football Manual)

a.) Points for a win or loss

20 points for a win – 10 points for a loss – 15 points for a tie

b.) Points for playing up a Class

10 points for EACH class you play up – no points or penalty for playing down.

(Hillcrest Class 4 played Kickapoo Class 6 +20)

c.) Points for strength of schedule

points from opponent’s schedule by taking the sum of the win/loss record from each team you have played x the points for a win/loss, 10,20 minus your contribution to the opponent’s record, divided by the total number of games played minus the number of games you played.


d.) +/- 13 point differential added together and divided by number of games played.

e.) Add all the points from the categories above – rank the points in order from highest to lowest and the corresponding seed.

f.)  Automatic Switch – Two consecutive seeds who have played head to head

If 2 teams have played head to head and their seeds are consecutive they will be switched if the lower seed has beaten the higher seed.  once a switch has been made that team is protected from being switched again.  This process will start from the higher seed and work down.

(This means if regular season was over now – Monett would be 7 and McDonald County 8 because Monett beat McDonald County last night. The #8 seed gets to play Webb City at Webb City  )

Now you know……..


Looking forward to Week 9.

Marshfield will make the 30 mile trip to face Rogersville.  When these two teams get together records do not matter.  RIVALRY GAME!

BATTLE OF WEBSTER COUNTY – more on that in another story.

#1 Webb City and #2 Neosho appear to be locked in at 1 & 2.

The point difference between Marshfield and Carl Junction is 1.03.

Carl Junction is playing up a class in Week 9 at Joplin – so they will get 10 extra points for playing up.

For Marshfield to hold on to the #3 seed we MUST win vs Rogersville and then see what happens with the crazy math to determine the seed and who our opponent will be for Week 10.

Why does it matter?  The top 4 seeds get to host Week 10 games.  We could have more football to play at R.A. Barr Athletic Stadium!

The 1 Seed will Host the 8 Seed

2 will host 7

3 will host 6

and 4 will host 5.

Hillcrest is once again playing up a Class when they face Lebanon on Friday (extra 10 points)

Bolivar is hosting a 1 win team out of Cape Girardeau (Central)

McDonald County is playing Seneca (3-5)

Monett is playing Nevada.




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