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Jays Basketball Roster

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January 26, 2020

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0Trey Summers116’3F
2Peyton McBride106’2G
3Blake Anderson116’1G
5Owen Curley106’3G
10Isaac Brown106’2G
23Landon Wilson106’6F
24Hayden Curley116’0G/F
32Drew Cromer126’3G
34Ayden Rouse (INJ)126’3F
Junior Varsity
4Luke Gardner105’9G
5Owen Curley106’3G
10Isaac Brown106’2G
11Merlin Dennis105’10G/F
12Wyatt Dudley105’9G
13Bryant Bull96’3G/F
14Reece Berry105’10G
21Isaac Moon105’10G/F
22Connor Dalton105’7G
24Hayden Curley116’0G/F
55Jackson Rovig96’3F
10Brayden Miller9
13Bryant Bull9
15Collin Detherow9
22/21Carter Detherow9
23Jackson Rovig9
25Travis Greenfield9
32Joe Harles9
42/14Andrew Beckner9
44Silas Perkins9
Head Coach: Adam Carpenter
Asst Coaches: Dylan Curtis,

John Cates

Managers: Charlie Thomas, Lucas Crump,

TJ Slocum

Athletic Director: Ronda Hubbard
Principal: Jeff Curley
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