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Week 4 JAYS 21 at Buffalo 20

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September 8, 2017

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Jays at Buffalo Week 4.

Marshfield hopes to put a 1 in the win column tonight at they face Buffalo, but the Bison are 2-1 and have posted over 100 points in the last 2 weeks with wins over Pleasant Hope and Diamond.

We are in Buffalo setting up the bring you the contest LIVE!

Click the game link below to watch.

JAYS at Buffalo Click Here!

Don’t forget our halftime give aways  1 Large 1 topping pizza from Smokey J’s Pizza and Deli and $50 worth of fireworks from Rocket Reeds!   Be listening at the half for the trivia questions!!

Tonight’s number to text to win is (417) 880-3687

Use the same number to text us for a shoutout!  WE LOVE THAT!!!!   Just send us your name and location!


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