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JAYS 21 Ava Bears 7 (rebroadcast available)

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August 28, 2009

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Click here to listen to rebroadcast of the game

Wade Jennings reports:

We once again start another season of Marshfield football and it make’s us realize how much we missed Friday nights in late August. The Jays didnt dissapoint tonight when the had a big win against the Ava Bears. New coach Stan McGarvey had his players ready and was also excited to get his first win as the Bluejays leader. I have stats for the game for the most part, I took pictures in the third quarter, But I will run down the game as best as I can.

1st Quarter: The Jays recieved the opening kickoff. QB Peyton Bransfield took the Jays down the field with the help of HB Zach Hildebrand and catches from Brad Dinwiddie. They went to the 1 yd line and Hildebrand ran it in with ease. Marshfield 6, Ava 0.

2nd Quarter: This was a Bluejay dominated quarter as Bransfield hit Dinwiddie and Kelsy Hide on several passes. Zach Hildebrand had a huge run for 48 yds and they eventually made it to the 5 yd line and Bransfield kept it for Touchdown number two. They converted the 2 pt conversion and at half it was Marshfield 14, Ava 0

3rd Quarter: I took pictures but it was back and forth football and it remained Marshfield 14. Ava 0.

4th Quarter: This was a big quarter again for the Jays on Offense and Defense. Justin Yarnell not only played big in the whole game he had a key stop as the Jays were screened on a pass to the flat and Yarnell read the play, stayed home, and made an open field tackle through a defender to save huge yardage or even an Ava TD. Bransfield would rip off an 62 yd TD run for his second score of the game. Ava would score on an 80 yd run by HB Brett Lambert. Final score Marshfield 21, Ava 7.

Contributers from tonight;s game are Zach Kenemer, Kelsye Hyde, J. P. Jacks, Justin Yarnell, Cody Brown, Dwayne McCroskey, John Sampley, James Washburn, and Cody Greniger all had tackles in the ballgame. Freshman Dillon Harmes saw some action in the final minutes at HB. Jared Greenlee came into QB the last minute of the game.

Next week we travel to Monett in a non confrence matchup. You can listen right here on the only place for LIVE Marsfield sports action.

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